Registration Forms:

All forms required for players to participate on the SJPII Soccer Team will be posted below over the course of the season. Please ensure that these are returned in a timely manner to the coaches.

Congratulations on being selected for the team!
The mandatory school athletic form can be found below (click on the link and press open). Please ensure that all players have it signed and returned at the first practice.

Futsal Athletic Form 2013.doc Futsal Athletic Form 2013.doc
Size : 58 Kb
Type : doc

Volunteer Drivers Form:
If parents are planning on driving players other than their own child to games or tournaments, please complete and return the Volunteer Drivers Information Form (found below) to the coaches.

HCDSB Volunteer Drivers Form.pdf HCDSB Volunteer Drivers Form.pdf
Size : 106.617 Kb
Type : pdf

Player Information Form:
The following form identifies player profile information (such as preferred position, strongest skills, and season goals) and confirms that the players/parents agree to the SJPII Soccer Code of Conduct Letter handed out in early April. If you did not receive the letter, use the "Contact Us" section to contact the coaches. Please fill in and bring this form to the next practice.

Player Information Form 2014.docx Player Information Form 2014.docx
Size : 11.919 Kb
Type : docx

Player Information Form 2016 Outdoor:

As the coaches and players have not worked together before, please have the players fill out the following player information slip. This will give the coaches a little more of a starting point to work from. Thank you!

 Team Jerseys:

SJPII will be purchasing customized Adidas jerseys for the upcoming soccer season. Please print out and complete the "Player Kit Form" and have it returned to the coaches at practice on April 8. In order to determine sizes, please open the "Adidas Jersey Sizing" file and select the size you feel is best (please remember that this jersey will need to be used until April 2016). The basic designs for the player and goalkeeper jerseys are shown below.

Adidas Jersey Sizing.docx Adidas Jersey Sizing.docx
Size : 52.465 Kb
Type : docx
PJPII Player Kit Form 2014 Shirts.xlsx PJPII Player Kit Form 2014 Shirts.xlsx
Size : 11.288 Kb
Type : xlsx

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