PJPII Wall of Honour   

 PJPII Players' Creed

 At PJPII, our foundation to success is forming a team of players who all have the desire to strive for excellence and push themselves to reach new limits. Our team motto is "Believe, Achieve, Inspire" as we would like every player to continue to grow and leave a legacy once they graduate from our soccer program.

 Dear Lord, in the battles we go through life
 We ask for a chance that's fair
 A chance to equal our strides
 A chance to do or dare
 If we should win
 Let it be by the code
 With faith and honor held high
 If we should lose
 Let us stand by the road
 And cheer as the winners go by

Motivational Video
In order for a player to excel and be successful on and off the pitch, they need to demonstrate perseverance, passion, and ability. The video below demonstrates many of the qualities that we would like a PJPII soccer player to have.

 PJPII All-Time Player Honour Roll

At PJPII, all the contributions of our current and former players are extremely valued. Through all of the hard work, dedication, and skill they bring to the team, they bring high praise to our school's athletic program and are able to consistently achieve excellent results.  As at June 16, 2017

Most Games Played - Senior Team
Bryan S                  71 GP            2014-2016
Ethan Ce                70 GP            2014-2016
Mauro L                  63 GP            2015-2017
Jason S                  63 GP            2015-2017
Lukas DV               63 GP            2015-2017

Nicolas N                61 GP            2012-2014
Matthew D              60 GP            2014-2016

Most Goals Scored - Senior Team:
Mauro L                  76 Goals         2015-2017
Matthew D              73 Goals         2014-2016

Lucas R                  50 Goals         2015-2017
Anthony T               45 Goals         2012-2014
Gianfranco M          42 Goals         2012-2014
Christian L               32 Goals        2012-2014   
                Bryan S                   24 Goals        2014-2016
Alex DM                  19 Goals        2017-2017

Most Goals Scored - Junior Team:
Mauro L                  33 Goals         2015-2015
Rodrigo N               14 Goals         2015-2016
Noah N                   14 Goals         2015-2016
Billy R                     14 Goals         2016-2016
Luke S                      9 Goals         2015-2016
Marko C                   8 Goals         2017-Present 
Matthew P                8 Goals         2017-Present

The following document recognizes a complete list of the players who have played at least one game for PJPII since the start of the 2012 season. We would like to thank each and every one of them and let them know that their legacy will always be remembered! Starting in 2014, each graduating player will receive a commemorative pin to recognize their impact on the soccer team!

All-Time Junior SJPII Roster May 10-17.xlsx All-Time Junior SJPII Roster May 10-17.xlsx
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Type : xlsx

 Team Recognition
PJPII's monthly newsletters (often mentioning the soccer team and its accomplishments) and the PJPII Soccer Oakville Beaver Article for the 2013 outdoor season  (recognizing our best season in school history) have been posted below.

PJPII Soccer Oakville Beaver Article 2013.pdf PJPII Soccer Oakville Beaver Article 2013.pdf
Size : 4496.896 Kb
Type : pdf
Newsletter February 2014.docx Newsletter February 2014.docx
Size : 945.568 Kb
Type : docx

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