Junior Indoor Soccer Team 2015:

In order to keep all players involved with soccer during the upcoming winter season and to help prepare for the senior team this spring, SJPII will be fielding their first annual junior indoor soccer team for boys in grade five and six. Games will be 5 v 5 (including goalkeepers), with a SJPII Charity Indoor Soccer Tournament scheduled for April 15, 2015 at 3:15pm to 8:30pm.

Tryout Information:

Welcome to the 2015 Indoor Team Tryouts!.

It is important that all players attend all of the tryouts throughout the season to be considered for the team. Attending tryouts allows the team members to improve collectively as a group and as individuals.

The roster spots will be allocated as follows:

  • Goalkeepers: 1-2 spots
  • Defenders: 2-3 spots
  • Midfielders: 4-5 spots
  • Forwards: 1-2 spots

Players should notify the coaches before a tryout or practice when they cannot attend. To do this, players may use the "Contact Us" page to inform the coaches. If players are consistently missing practices, they may receive limited playing time and/or be released from the team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the coaches.

Players must bring their team jersey, shorts, socks, shin pads, and soccer shoes (indoor) in order to participate in that session. The coaches thank you in advance for your participation in the 2015 indoor team.

Team List:
Below is the list of players invited to the next tryout in the gymnasium after school on Tuesday March 24th. After this session, 18 to 20 players will be accepted to the Final Assessment after school on Wednesday March 25th. If you are going to be away on either of the tryout days, please notify the coaches using "Contact Us" by March 24th at the latest. Please indicate that you have read this information by entering your full name and the keyword "SAINTS" in the form directly below the tryout list. Good work boys and see you on Tuesday!

During the next tryout, the following topics will be covered:

  • Skills Testing (dribbling, passing, shooting)
  • Possession and Positional Awareness
  • Receiving and Directional Movement
  • SAQ Training (Speed Agility Quickness)
  • Scorpion Soccer (three teams of 10 players)

GK: Landon Q (Grade 6)
GK: Joel Z (Grade 6)
DF: Jervais B (Grade 6
DF: Michael F (Grade 6)
DF: Daniel F (Grade 6)
DF: Aidan M (Grade 6)
DF: Matthew N (Grade 5)
DF: Michael S (Grade 6)
DF: Jason S (Grade 6)

DF: Samuel T (Grade 6)
MF: Kwabena A (Grade 6)
MF: Lucas C (Grade 6)
MF: Lukas D (Grade 6)
MF: Charlie F (Grade 6)
MF: Oscar K (Grade 5)
MF: Nicolas L (Grade 5)
MF: Rodrigo N (Grade 5)
MF: Marco P (Grade 6)
MF: Andrew R (Grade 5)
MF: Lucas R (Grade 6)
MF: Emilio S (Grade 5)
MF: Luke S (Grade 5)
MF: Ignacio T (Grade 6)
MF: Matthew Z (Grade 5)
ST: Alexander D (Grade 6)
ST: Oliver K (Grade 6)
ST: Noah N (Grade 5)
ST: Rasim Q (Grade 6)
ST: Billy R (Grade 5)
ST: Fahed W (Grade 6)

March 24 Tryout Confirmation:

By completing this form, I have read the information outlined above and will be in attendance on March 24th. This also acknowledges that I am aware of the tryout process.

 Reminders (complete BEFORE March 11):

  • Complete the SJPII Application below
  • Submit Medical Form to the coaches
  • Ensure your name is on the list at the bottom
  • Tryouts on March 11 and March 12 in gym

SJPII Indoor Soccer Application:

Please select one of the following: (player only)

Please check off days you are available for practice:

Would you be available from 3pm-8pm for a tournament on April 15:

SJPII FC Remind Invite.pdf SJPII FC Remind Invite.pdf
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