Team Roster: (updated on April 26 at 7:00pm)

Thank you to all players who participated in the tryouts for our second ever Boys Junior Soccer Team. It was exceptional to see such talented and respectful young men, and it took much thought and deliberation to make selections. Throughout the tryouts, players have participated in a variety of sessions and assessments designed to test their physical, mental, technical, tactical, and social capabilities. We truly hope that the experience was worthwhile to all who took part!

The following 12 players will participate as members of St. John Paul II Juniors FC 2016:

GK: Matthew Z (Grade 6)
DF: Jack F (Grade 6)
DF: Matthew N (Grade 6)
DF: Nicholas Z (Grade 5)
MF: Alex DV (Grade 5)
MF: Luke S (Grade 6)
MF: Rodrigo N (Grade 6)
MF: Nicolas L (Grade 6)
MF: Oscar K (Grade 6)
MF: Andrew R (Grade 6)
ST: Noah N (Grade 6)
ST: Billy R (Grade 6)
Reserve: Adrian C (Grade 6)
Reserve: Antonio S (Grade 6)

Further cuts will be made from this list if necessary once senior tryouts start and other junior tournaments are confirmed.

All of the above listed players are to please attend a mandatory  practice on Thursday May 5th from 11:45am to 12:45pm in the gymnasium. At this session, players will be completing final preparations in advance of our tournament on Thursday May 5th at St. Christopher School from 3:30pm to 8:30pm (schedule below). For those who have been selected to be part of the historic soccer tradition consisting of many honourable athletes, welcome to our SJPII family!

 rosters have been selected based on a combination of skill, effort, professionalism, and attitude. If you have not been selected, please continue to work hard and we look forward to working with you again soon. All players are invited to attend practices and meetings to learn team strategies, and continue their development both within and outside of the classroom. We strongly encourage this. Congratulations to all players and on behalf of the coaches, best of luck. 


St. Christopher Elementary School 1st Annual Boys Soccer Tournament (Thursday May 5th):

1 = St. John Paul II
2 = St. Joan of Arc
3 = St. Andrew

4 = St. Christopher

5 = Our Lady of Fatima

Group Stage @ St. Christopher: **All players must arrive at 2400 Sutton Drive, L7L 7A9 (Burlington) by 3:50pm LATEST!
 4 v 2
 3 v 5
 1 v 4
 4 v 3
 1 v 5
 5 v 2
 2 v 3
 1 v 3
 4 v 5
 1 v 2

Playoffs @ St. Christopher:
 Championship Game (1st v 2nd)

1. All matches are 6 v 6 including goalkeepers and are played in the full gymnasium. Group games and playoff games are 20 minute games straight. Playoff ties to be decided by a 5 person shootout. 
2. The yellow gym lines are the boundaries. The ball will be out of play if it touches the wall.
3. Kick-ins will be used when the ball is out of play. Offsides will not be enforced. 
4. All free kicks are indirect. A penalty shot will be awarded to the opposing team if the goalkeeper picks up the ball off of the mat.
5. Standings Tiebreakers:
  A) Fewest Goals Allowed
6. No opposing team players are allowed on the goalkeeper mat. No drop kicks permitted.
7. Please encourage players to bring money to support our snack bar. 
8. There is a seating area for parents on the stage. No inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated. No wandering through the stairwells or on the top floor will be allowed. 

Thank you and see you all this upcoming Thursday May 5

Matthew Aslett and Nic Bruno

SJPII Boys Junior Soccer Coaches 

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