Dear SJPII Junior Soccer Players and Parents,                                                  

Please find below details about our JOFA and SJPII Tournaments on April 27 and May 10.
The HCDSB Junior Soccer Rules 2017 Handbook is located below.

The tentative schedule for the season will be as follows:
1) April 26: Practice Before and After School, Tactical Meeting at Lunch (including Jersey Handout)
2) April 27: Pre-Tournament Stretching and Light Practice at Lunch, JOFA Indoor Junior Tournament After School
3) Week of May 1: Education Week - Senior Team Tryouts After School, Junior Team Practices at Lunch
4) May 10: SJPII Champions League Junior Indoor Tournament After School
5) May 11: Champions League Junior Tournament Finals (if we advance)
6) May 12: SJPII Senior Tournament Selections Posted at 8pm (18 Spots for Grades 5 to 8)
7) May 15SJPII Senior Soccer Team Dinner After School (more details to follow)
8) May 16: SJPII Outdoor Senior 32 Team Tournament at Shell Park during school
9) May 19: SJPII Outdoor Senior 32 Team Tournament Championships at Pine Glen during school (if we advance)
10) May 24: Loyola Outdoor Senior Tournament at Loyola Secondary School during school
11) May 26: Toronto FC Ball Kids Opportunity at BMO Field at 7pm, Arrive at 6:15pm
12) June TBD: Awards Presentation, Pizza and Ice Cream Party, SJPII All-Star Game, Final Farewell Ceremony

Looking forward to an incredible season! 

Best Regards,
Coach Matthew Aslett
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St. Joan of Arc Elementary School 3rd Annual Junior Boys Soccer Tournament (Thursday April 27th):

Tournament Coordinators: Matthew Aslett (SJPII) and Jenn Bento (JOFA)

1 = St. John Paul II
2 = St. Joan of Arc
3 = St. Andrew

4 = Our Lady of Fatima

Group Stage @ St. Joan of Arc: *Coaches have requested an early dismissal from class at 2:45pm

**All SJPII players must arrive and be ready for warmups at 2912 Westoak Trails, L7M 4T7 (Oakville) by 3:10pm LATEST

3:40 1 v 2
 3 v 4
 2 v 3 
 1 v 4
 1 v 3
 2 v 4

Playoffs @ St. Joan of Arc:
6:10 1st place v 4th place
 2nd place v 3rd place

7:00 Championship Game (1st v 2nd)

All matches are 6 v 6 including goalkeepers and are played in the full gymnasium. Group games and semi-final playoff games are 20 minutes straight, while the championship game is 30 minutes straight. Playoff ties to be decided by a 3 person shootout. 

Looking forward to our JOFA tournament on Thursday April 27!

Matthew Aslett, Matthew Zanatta, Nicolas Lopac

SJPII Boys Junior Soccer Coaches 

St. John Paul II 3rd Annual JUNIOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Boys Soccer Tournament (Wednesday May 10th):

Tournament Coordinator: Matthew Aslett (SJPII)

*Group A will play games at St. John Paul II School (Oakville), Group B will play games at St. Joan of Arc School (Oakville)

A1 = St. John Paul II
A2 = St. Bernadette
A3 = St. Brigid

A4 = St. Christopher

B1 = St. Joan of Arc
B2 = St. Andrew

B3 = St. Joseph

B4 = St. Anne

Group Stage (May 10 @ SJPII):  **All SJPII players must be ready for warmups by 3:30pm LATEST

4:00 1 v 2
 2 v 3
 1 v 4 
 3 v 4
 1 v 3
 2 v 4

Quarter Final and Semi Final Playoffs (May 10 @ SJPII):
6:30 1st place Group A v 4th place Group A (QF1)
 2nd place Group A v 3rd place Group A (QF2)

7:30 Semi-Final Match 1 (Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2) *Winner advances to Champions League Final on May 11

Junior Champions League Final 2017 (May 11 @ Venue TBD @ 3:45): Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

All matches are 6 v 6 including goalkeepers and are played in the full gymnasium. Group games are 20 minutes straight, quarter finals are 25 minutes straight, semi finals are 30 minutes straight, and championship match is 2 x 20 minute halvesPlayoff ties to be decided by a 3 person shootout, except in championship match where a 5 minute overtime is used. 

Looking forward to our SJPII tournament on Wednesday May 10!

Matthew Aslett, Matthew Zanatta, Nicolas Lopac

SJPII Boys Junior Soccer Coaches 

Team Roster: (updated on February 25 at 12:00am)

Thank you to all players who participated in the tryouts for our Boys Junior Soccer Team. It was exceptional to see such talented and respectful young men, and it took much thought and deliberation to make selections. Throughout the tryouts, players have participated in a variety of sessions and assessments designed to test their physical, mental, technical, tactical, and social capabilities. We truly hope that the experience was worthwhile to all who took part!

The following 13 players will participate as members of St. John Paul II Juniors FC 2017:

GK: Francesco C (Grade 5)
GK: Damir S (Grade 5)
DF: Nicholas Z (Grade 6)
DF: Nicholas F (Grade 5)
DF: Aidan F (Grade 5)
MF: Marko C (Grade 5)
MF: Matthew P (Grade 5)
MF: Daniel K (Grade 5)
MF: Joshua A (Grade 5)
MF: Alex DV (Grade 6)

MF: Chris V (Grade 5)
ST: Felipe C (Grade 5)
ST: Jason K (Grade 6)

Please note that all players MUST represent the team in a positive manner at all times. Coaches will be speaking to teachers on an ongoing basis, so poor behaviour will result in a player forfeiting their roster spot this season.

Coach Matthew is now returning to Queen's University in Kingston until April. Team practices and meetings will start immediately when he is back in Oakville. For those who have been selected to be part of the historic soccer tradition consisting of many honourable athletes, welcome to our SJPII family! You should receive a welcome message through RemindApp on February 26 about the season if you have been selected.

 rosters have been selected based on a combination of skill, effort, professionalism, and attitude. If you have not been selected, please continue to work hard and we look forward to working with you again soon. All players are invited to attend practices and meetings to learn team strategies, and continue their development both within and outside of the classroom. We strongly encourage this. Congratulations to all players and on behalf of the coaches, best of luck. 

Team Roster: (updated on February 24 at 11:00am)

Thank you to all players for participating in our 2017 Junior Team Soccer Tryouts!
The coaches were impressed by the attitude, effort, skill, and professionalism of all players.

We hope that you enjoyed the experience and learned many new things from one another.
Our sessions revolved around challenging players in a fun and competitive environment.

The coaches are currently working on the roster and will be posting an update on February 25 by 12:00pm.
Coaches have spent many hours reviewing our notes and discussing players. There will be many tough decisions.

If you do not make the team, we encourage you to work hard and attend our open practices.
It has been an absolute pleasure to see such an amazing group of young men this week.

I have been coaching at SJPII for 6 years now and every year I am inspired to return because of people like you.
I look forward to seeing you all on the pitch, in the crowd, or in the school when I return in a few weeks.

As our Rock Story says, "Don't give up until you find your rock with the 1 million dollar bill on the back".

Best Regards,
Coach Matthew Aslett

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