Oakville Elementary Soccer League: (updated on May 23)
For the first time in history, an elementary school soccer league for Oakville teams will be organized for the 2014 outdoor soccer season! Eight teams will make history as they compete against one another over the course of May for the first ever Oakville League Championship! This league is a large stepping stone initiated by the coaches and teachers at PJPII, and may even lead to a board wide league and Ontario Cup for the 2015 soccer season!

Pope John Paul II Gold (A)
Pope John Paul II Blue (B)
St. Andrew (B)
St. Marguerite (A)
St. John (A)
Mother Teresa (B)
St. James (A)
St. Joseph (B)

League Dates:

Regular Season: (2 groups of four teams)
Pope John Paul II Blue:
Game 1: May 28 (3:45pm) v Mother Teresa
Game 2: May 29 (3:45pm) v St. Joseph
Game 3: May 30 (3:45pm) v St. Andrew

Pope John Paul II Gold:
Game 1: May 26 (3:45pm) v St. James
Game 2: May 28 (3:45pm) v St. John
Game 3: May 29 (3:45pm) v St. Marguerite

Playoffs: (Elimination Games)
QF: June 13 (3:45pm)
SF: June 19 (3:45pm)

Finals: June 19 (5:00pm)

Game Format:
A: 2 x 32 minute halves (64 minutes total)
B: If tied after regulation in playoffs, game will go straight to penalties.
C: Games will be played at Pine Glen in Oakville

Points Format:
3: Regulation Win
1: Regulation Tie
0: Regulation Loss

Standings Tiebreakers:
A) Head to Head
B) Overall Goal Differential (Max of +5 per game)
C) Least Disciplinary Points (3 = red, 1 = yellow)
D) Least Goals Allowed
E) Most Clean Sheets

League Discipline:
2 Yellow Cards (same game): 1 game suspension
1st Red Card: 1 game suspension
2nd Red Card: 2 game suspension
2 Yellow Cards (consecutive games): Misses next match
3 Yellow Cards (total): Misses next match
5 Yellow Cards (total): Misses next match
Inappropriate Behaviour: 2+ game suspension
*Cards are not dismissed until end of season

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