Team Roster: (updated on June 20)

The coaches have selected the following players for the first ever Oakville Soccer League Championship Match at Pine Glen on June 25 at 12:30pm. The final roster has been selected based on a combination of skill, effort, and attitude (with players who have been training since December and who have been attending most practices/games given preference). All players must arrive at the field no later than 11:45am. The event information is enclosed in the attachment below.

#0 Gianfranco M (Grade 8)
#1 Tommas M (Grade 8)
#3 Ethan H (Grade 6)
#5 Jacob D (Grade 6)

#6 Nicolas N (Grade 8)
#7 Christian L (Grade 8)
#8 Christophe B (Grade 8)
#9 Tristian V (Grade 8)

#10 Anthony T (Grade 8)
#11 Matthew D (Grade 6)
#13 Ethan I (Grade 8)
#14 Andres V (Grade 8)

#16 Bryan S (Grade 6)
#17 Ethan Ce (Grade 6)
#35 Matthew S (Grade 6)
#40 Gabriel V (Grade 6)

Please note that players may be added to the roster if players are unable to attend due to injuries, school commitments, or the school play. This will be the final event of the season! Thank you to everyone for a great year!

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