Senior Girls Team Roster 2019: (updated on April 18 at 7:30pm)

Thank you to all players who participated in the tryouts for our St. John Paul II Outdoor Soccer Team. It was exceptional to see such talented and respectful young players, while it took much thought and deliberation to make selections. Throughout the tryout process, players have participated in a variety of activities designed to test their physical, mental, technical, tactical, and social capabilities. We truly hope that the experience was worthwhile to all who took part!

The following 18 players will participate as members of Lady Saints FC 2019:

#1: Evangeline N (GK, Grade 6)
#2: Katie T (GK, Grade 7)
#3: Amaya W (MF, Grade 8)
#4: Anna H (MF, Grade 7)
#5: Emily T (MF, Grade 7)
#6: Sofia L (MF, Grade 6)
#7: Daniela L (MF, Grade 8, Vice-Captain)
#8: Cristina C (MF, Grade 7, Captain)
#9: Sofia T (MF, Grade 7)
#10: Claudia D (MF, Grade 7)
#11: Natalia M (DF, Grade 7)
#12: Isabella C (DF, Grade 7)

#13: Victoria G (DF, Grade 7)

#14: Sofia M (MF, Grade 6)

#15: Brooke S (MF, Grade 8)
#16: Meghan G (DF, Grade 8)
#18: Isabella G (DF, Grade 6)
#21: Adriana F (ST, Grade 8, Vice-Captain)

Reserve: Marisa M (DF, Grade 6)

Please note that all players MUST represent the team in a positive manner at all times. Coaches will be speaking to teachers and principals on an ongoing basis, so 
disrespectful behaviour will result in a player forfeiting their roster spot this season.

For those who have been selected to be part of the historic soccer tradition consisting of many honourable athletes, welcome to our Saints FC family! You should receive a welcome message through RemindApp on April 18 @ 7:30pm about the season if you have been selected. Please note our first session will be on Tuesday April 23 at lunch and after school. The reserve roster is designed for players to attend practice and act as call-ups if needed throughout the season.

The rosters have been selected based on a combination of effort, professionalism, attitude, and skill. If you have not been selected, please continue to work hard and we look forward to working with with you in the future. For those interested in feedback, coaches are unable to respond until after Thursday April 25 at 7pm given the reasons discussed at the last tryout.

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