Team Roster: (updated on May 7 at 8:00am)

Thank you to all players who participated in the tryouts for our Boys Senior Soccer Team. It was exceptional to see such talented and respectful young men, and it took much thought and deliberation to make selections. Throughout the tryouts, players have participated in a variety of sessions and assessments designed to test their physical, mental, technical, tactical, and social capabilities. We truly hope that the experience was worthwhile to all who took part!

The following players have been selected for SAINTS FC SENIOR TEAM 2016:

DF: Jack F (Grade 6)
MF: Nicolas L (Grade 6)

MF: Rodrigo N (Grade 6)
DF: Billy R (Grade 6)
MF: Luke S (Grade 6)

GK: Matthew Z (Grade 6)

MF: Lukas DV (Grade 7)
MF: Charlie F (Grade 7)
ST: Mauro L (Grade 7)
ST: Lucas R (Grade 7)

DF: Jason S (Grade 7)

ST: Daniel A (Grade 8)
DF: Manuel B (Grade 8)
DF: Ethan Ce (Grade 8)

DF: Jacob D (Grade 8)
MF: Matthew D (Grade 8)

GK: Matthew M (Grade 8)

ST: Bryan S (Grade 8)

ST: Matthew S (Grade 8)

First Team Practice will take place Monday May 9, 2016 after school. 

The coaches invite the following Junior Team Players to attend practices because there may be an opportunity for these players to participate in games and tournaments during the season:

Nicholas Z (Grade 5)
Oscar K (Grade 6)
Matthew N (Grade 6)
Noah N (Grade 6)
Andrew R (Grade 6)

 rosters have been selected based on a combination of skill, effort, professionalism, and attitude. If you have not been selected, please continue to work hard and we look forward to working with you again soon. All players are invited to attend practices and meetings to learn team strategies, and continue their development both within and outside of the classroom. We strongly encourage this. Congratulations to all players and on behalf of the coaches, best of luck. 

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