Thursday June 2, 2016

Subject: SJPII Senior Soccer 2016

Dear Players and Parents,

As a coach, I always strive for excellence and challenge my players to reach new heights. I continue to learn and develop sessions for each practice, and I wish that all players would start to use a similar growth mindset.

Some players have worked really hard, attended all practices, and showed extensive improvements this season. Others have been disrespectful and do the bare minimum to keep their spot on the team, which hinders them from reaching their potential. This also prevents the team from practicing in an effective manner since these individuals constantly disrupt the session.

I understand that some players are on other teams, but practices are required since we have different skill levels and ages on our team. My practices are not physically draining, with a focus on the technical, tactical, and social aspects of the sport. This means that players can definitely attend my session in addition to their practice or game in the evening. Failure to do so will mean that they will not participate in any subsequent matches.

I have been involved with the Saints Soccer Program for the last 8 years, both as a team captain and head coach. Although my skills were not the strongest, my effort continues to set me apart. Many years ago, it was not uncommon for players who were not selected for the team to attend practices to learn (yes, even rep team players too). Playing on any team is a privilege, and not a right. 

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that another Tryout will be necessary for all players. These will take place on Wednesday June 8 at lunch and Thursday June 9 after school until 4:45pm.

ALL roster spots will be back on the table, so attendance is mandatory. The sessions will include fitness testing, skills circuits, possession sessions, and games. If you are unable to attend, you must contact me in writing before the session with your reasoning. A new roster will be published on Thurs June 9 at 8pm for the Ascentrick Tournament.

All players will be assessed on the following criteria: professionalism, attitude, effort, and skill. Any players who attended at least ONE senior practice this year are eligible to tryout for the team.

If you have not already, you MUST return your jerseys at the start of the tryouts on Wednesday. If they are not received, you will not be allowed to tryout. I have a complete list of which players still have their jerseys. This refers to both short and long sleeve shirts.

Good luck with the tryouts! I look forward to seeing you all next week. #CreedDay

Best Regards,
Coach Matthew Aslett

St. John Paul II School 

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