Senior Outdoor Soccer Team 2018:

Welcome to Saints FC! To be eligible for this team, you must be a grade 6, 7, or 8 student at SJPII. To impress the coaches, you should focus on the three pillars of success: effort, attitude, and professionalism

Our squad breakdown will tentatively be as follows:
  Goalkeepers: 2 
  Defenders: 6 
  Midfielders: 7
  Forwards: 3

The coaches are excited to work with you this season and enjoyed learning about you through your Registration Form! If you have any questions, please use "Contact Us" and Coach Aslett or Francuz will respond within 24 hours.

In fairness to all students, a document that outlines assessment criteria for team selection will be posted shortly. No complaints about team selection are permitted. Requests for feedback will only be considered 1 week following the tryout process.

The following attachment outlines the process to register for the Remind App:

Remind App Instructions Senior 2018.docx Remind App Instructions Senior 2018.docx
Size : 239.528 Kb
Type : docx

Tryout Timeline:

Friday March 23 (3:15pm to 4:45pm):
Location: SJPII Library
Assessments: Registration Forms Due, Team Building Activity, Expectations Discussion

Thursday March 29 (4:00pm Deadline):
Deliverables: Remind App Signup Due

Friday April 6 (3:15pm Deadline):
Team Character ChallengeWatch 15:10 to 24:30 of In 5 to 10 sentences on paper, "explain the most important lessons from the video". Submit to coaches upon arrival.

Friday April 6 (3:15pm to 4:45pm):
Location: SJPII Gymnasium Indoor or Field Outdoor
Assessments: Tryout 1 - World Cup Tournament (teams will be posted online on April 5 at 4pm), Permission Forms must be printed and submitted upon arrival.

Thursday April 19 (3:15pm to 4:30pm):
LocationSJPII Gymnasium Indoor or Field Outdoor
Assessments: Tryout 2 - Skills Circuit and Fitness Testing

Player Tryout List: (Updated April 4 at 10pm)

The following players have expressed an interest in the SJPII Tryouts. Those that are highlighted in red have not registered on RemindApp. Those that are highlighted in green have not yet completed the Registration Form.

Josh A (Grade 6, ST)
Francesco C (Grade 6, GK)
Marko C (Grade 6, ST)
Felipe C (Grade 6, MF)
Ante C (Grade 6, GK)
Luka C (Grade 6, MF)
Noah D (Grade 6, MF)
Dante E (Grade 6, GK)
Aidan F (Grade 6, MF)
Nicholas F (Grade 6, DF)
Daniel K (Grade 6, DF)
Thomas K (Grade 6, MF)
Joshua M (Grade 6, DF)
Matthew P (Grade 6, MF)
Filip P (Grade 6, DF)
Matthew S (Grade 6, GK)
Damir S (Grade 6, GK)
Chris V (Grade 6, MF)
Alex DV (Grade 7, MF)
John H (Grade 7, MF)
Jason K (Grade 7, ST)
Nicholas Z (Grade 7, DF)
Jack F (Grade 8, DF)
Jake G (Grade 8, MF)
Jacob G (Grade 8, MF)
Oscar K (Grade 8, MF)
Nicolas L (Grade 8, MF)
Mason M (Grade 8, GK)
Matthew N (Grade 8, DF)
Noah N (Grade 8, MF)
Rodrigo N (Grade 8, MF)
Aidan O (Grade 8, DF)
Marco P (Grade 8, DF)
Billy R (Grade 8, ST)
Andrew R (Grade 8, MF)
Emilio S (Grade 8, ST)
Antonio S (Grade 8, DF)
Luke S (Grade 8, MF)
Matthew Z (Grade 8, GK)

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