2013 Outdoor Tournament News:

Throughout the 2013 outdoor season, PJPII will be participating in the following tournaments:

St. Andrew Invitational Cup:

When: Wednesday May 15, 2013      Where: Shell Park (Oakville)

Description: PJPII competes against local rivals in this 8 team tournament.

  • PJPII v Ascension (Group Game 1)-8am Field 4 (Players must arrive at 7:30am)
  • PJPII v St. Marguerite (Group Game 2)-10:15am Field 4
  • PJPII v Canadian Martyrs (Group Game 3)-11:45am Field 4
  • Semi Finals (TBA)-12:25pm
  • Final/3rd place game (TBA)-1:40pm

St. Marguerite Invitational Cup:

When: Wednesday May 22, 2013 Where: Lions Sports Park (Milton)-Next to Bishop Reding High School

Description: PJPII is the defending champion in this 16 team tournament.

  • PJPII v St. Francis (Group Game 1)-8am Field 1 (Players must arrive at 7:30am)
  • PJPII v St. Luke (Group Game 2)-9:50am Field 4
  • PJPII v Guardian Angels (Group Game 3)-10:45am Field 5
  • Quarter Finals (TBA)-12:50pm
  • Semi Finals (TBA)-1:45pm
  • Final/3rd place game (TBA)-2:40pm

Loyola Cup:

When: Friday May 24, 2013 Where: Loyola Secondary School (Oakville)

Description: The five Loyola feeder schools are invited to compete for the trophy.

  • PJPII v St. Bernadette (Group Game 1)-9am Field 1 (Players must arrive by 8:15am in lobby)
  • PJPII v Mother Theresa (Group Game 2)-11:15am Field 1
  • PJPII v St. Matthew (Group Game 3)-1:15pm Field 1
  • Final (TBA)-2:40pm Field 1

Pope John Paul II Invitational Cup:

When: Tuesday May 28, 2013 Where: Shell Park (Oakville)

Description: PJPII is the host for its first annual 8 team tournament.

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