Senior Team Forms:

All players MUST submit an Athletic Permission Form at the start of the tryout on Thursday April 28

Players SHOULD submit an Online Registration Form (located in "Forms" section) by Tuesday May 3 at 6pm.

The following players have submitted an online form:
Nicholas Z (Grade 5)
Alex D (Grade 5)
Noah N (Grade 6)
Matthew N (Grade 6)
Luke S (Grade 6)
Andrew R (Grade 6)
Matthew Z (Grade 6)
Jack F (Grade 6)
Nicolas L (Grade 6)
Billy R (Grade 6)
Charlie F (Grade 7)
Lukas D (Grade 7)
Michael F (Grade 7)
Oliver K (Grade 7)
Lucas R (Grade 7)
Michael P (Grade 8)

  Junior and Senior Team Tryouts:

A series of tryouts will be held in April 2016 to select a group of about 10 players for the junior team and 18 players for the senior team. All SJPII students in grades five, six, seven, and eight can tryout for the 2016 team. All tryouts will take place indoor and outdoor at St. John Paul II School. The tryouts will take place after school from 3:15 pm to 5:00 pm, and it is important that players attend all tryouts to be considered for the team.

There will be two tryouts (Junior) and three tryouts (senior) before final selections are made:

  • Tryouts 1 and 2: All players will complete a skills circuit (passing, shooting, dribbling tests) and participate in games.
  • Tryout 3: The top 24 to 28 players will be invited to participate in a final training session. After different drills and excercises, a final roster will be posted on the website.

Players must bring their shin pads and soccer shoes (indoor and outdoor) to practice. The coaches thank you in advance for your participation in the 2016 team tryouts!

 Junior Tryout Schedule 2016:

DateMonday April 25, 2016 (Grade 5, 6)

Details: Tryout 1: Skills Session
    Forms MUST be handed in to coaches.

: Tuesday April 26, 2016 (Grade 5, 6)

Details: Tryout 2: World Cup Games Session

Junior Team List will be posted under "Junior Boys Roster" at 7pm on Tuesday April 26, 2016. 

Senior Tryout Schedule 2016:

DateThursday April 28, 2016 (Grade 7, 8)

Details: Tryout 1: Skills and Games
    Forms MUST be handed in to coaches.

Tuesday May 3, 2016 (Grade 7, 8 + Junior Team)

Details: Tryout 2: Games Session

Preliminary Senior Team List will be posted on "Senior Boys Roster" at 7pm on Tuesday May 3, 2016. 

No players or parents are permitted to contact the school after the list is posted. Failure to comply with this will result in the student NOT being permitted to tryout for the 2016 Senior Team!

Any inquiries can be sent to Coaches Matthew and Nic through the "Contact Us" section. The coaches will be able to contact parents after 9am on Thursday May 5.

DateWednesday May 4, 2016 (24 invited players)

DetailsTryout 3: Advanced Training Session

Final Senior Team List will be posted on "Senior Boys Roster" at 9pm on Friday May 5, 2016. 

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